jueves, 21 de septiembre de 2017

Reading Plan

New year, new ideas... 

This year we have a new Reading Plan activity. 

Here you will find the steps

1. Choose a book from the English Library. 

2. Tell the person in charge the title and the number. 

3. Take a post it from your Reading Plan Wall. 

4. Read the book. 

5. Write your opinion about the book in the post it you took. Put it inside the book, at the beginning, so the person who reads it after you has an opinion about it. 

"I like it because..."

"I don't like it because..."

"I think the book is..."

"This book is very..."

6. Print the cover of the book in a small size paper and put it in your Reading Timeline. If you can not print it, send it to me by email. You can also draw it if you want. 

7. Rate the book with the stars you have on the wall. 

8. Leave the book and tell the person in charge that you're leaving it, so she can mark that you have returned the book. 

Now you can take a new book!!


-You can read English books that you have at home. 

- There is no minimum or maximum, but I am going to really keep in mind how much you are reading each trimester. 

- If you get to read 10 books (along the year, it doesn't have to be during the 1st trimester) you will be a member of the 10 Book Club.

miércoles, 20 de septiembre de 2017


You need to bring a white t-shirt before Thursday, 28th September.

You can leave it in class until that day, 
when we will decorate it in arts to celebrate the 
Deaf People International Day 
(Friday, 29th September).

TIC - Tarea 1

Pulsa en este enlace y empieza a diseñar tu propio cubo:

Crear Cubo

¡A divertirse!

lunes, 18 de septiembre de 2017

ICT Zone

Here you have the instructions to do your ICT Zone: 

1. Go to the "Libro de lo importante" in your blog and open the English folder. 

2. In the English folder you will find another folder named Last Year Review. 

3. Do all the worksheets you have there on the smartboard

Remember that you can use your notes to do the activities. 

Put them in your red Libro de lo importante when you finish.